Susie Bozzini, CFO


  • 1. An Analytic and Experimental Evaluation of the HALO Rollover Damage Minimization Device
  • 2. Commercial, Police, and Military Vehicle Rollover Protection and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Geometry and Retrofit Rollover Testing
  • 3. Improving Rollover Crashworthiness of Heavy Trucks Equipped with Towers and Booms Overhanging the Cab
  • 4. Comparing Vehicle Rollover Crash Test Rigs: JRS vs. DRoTS
  • 5. Retrofitting for Rollover Crashworthiness Occupant Protection
  • 6. A Study of Rollover Occupant Injury Mitigation Using Dynamic Testing to Evaluate Alternative Protection Systems
  • 7. Rollover Protection - A Meaningful & Effective Solution
  • 8. Vehicle Roof Geometry and its Effects on Rollover Roof Performance