CfIR Team

Jacqueline G. Paver, Ph.D., President: Email | Curriculm Vitae | Publications
Dr. Paver earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University. Dr. Paver performs biomechanical engineering analyses of real-world vehicular, industrial, and recreational accidents specializing in catastrophic head and spinal injuries in rollover and other vehicular accidents, as well as pool/ocean diving accidents with similar injury potential. She conducts full-scale car crash tests that address collision severity, occupant responses, restraint system effectiveness, and injury potential. Dr. Paver has testified as an expert for more than 30 years.

Susie Bozzini, CFO: Website | Patents | Publications
Susie Bozzini has worked in the field of automotive safety research and development for the past 18 years. She was a developer of the M216 and JRS rollover test fixtures and the HALO™ Rollover Occupant Protection System for weak-roofed vehicles. She consults with major mining companies to develop risk assessment for transportation guidelines and intra-company standards.

Keith Friedman, Board Member, JASTI VP: FRC Website | JASTI Website | Publications
Keith Friedman has worked in the field of transportation safety research and development for more than 40 years. Currently, he is President of Friedman Research Corporation (FRC), with offices in Austin, Texas and Santa Barbara, California. FRC conducts research on leading-edge problems to protect people and structures under impact and blast conditions with the vision of supporting manufacturers and suppliers with the development of new products and design approaches.

Garrett Mattos, Ph.D.: Website | Publications
Dr. Mattos has extensive experience in scientific research using physical and virtual testing to develop evaluation methodologies for structural and occupant response. His latest work includes modeling the cook-off and detonation of high explosive shaped charges, physical and numerical testing of cryogenic tanks under pool fire conditions, full-scale rollover testing of passenger vehicles, and probabilistic methods of evaluating occupant response in aircraft crash landing scenarios. He brings a multi- disciplinary approach to his research to ensure successful project outcomes.

Donald Friedman, Founder (1927-2015): Patents | Publications
Don was a pioneer of vehicle crashworthiness and occupant safety research and testing, saving thousands of lives. He testified before Congress on numerous occasions, authored more than 150 technical papers and 7 patents and paved the way for more strict government vehicle safety standards. He developed the Minicars Transit and Car Rental System; research safety vehicles (RSV) for NHTSA; quasistatic (M216) and dynamic (JRS) dummy-occupied full-scale vehicle rollover crash test fixtures; and the HALO rollover protective system. In his last 30 years, Don testified in more than 1,000 personal injury and product liability cases; he identified numerous vehicle defects and helped win landmark cases that forced recalls and safety improvements. His life’s most significant contributions also included design of the periscope system for the first nuclear submarine; the infrared seeker and guidance control for the Sidewinder missile; and the 3 Lunar Rovers.

Emelie Cuchapin, Administrator:
Emelie handles all the day to day tasks of our non-profit organization. She works closely with the President on key projects and handles a variety of adminstrative tasks, including business and financial filings, to ensure smooth and efficient operations.