Ford F-150 (2010)

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Ford F-150 (2010)

Ford F-150 --
During the first roll there was moderate to high deformation beginning at the A-Pillar that traveled longitudinally down the vehicle nearly to the rear webbing. The driver side window shattered and there was significant damage to the windshield. The driver side doors were not opened after the first roll. The passenger side doors opened normally. The side window-curtain airbag was removed after the first roll. During the second roll the roof header buckled and tented upward. The windshield suffered heavy damage but was held in place by the lamination. The doors were not opened on the driver side of the vehicle.

About the Test

The test was a two roll event. The planned difference between the rolls was the pitch of the vehicle; 5 degrees in Roll 1 and 10 degrees in Roll 2 and the position of the Hybrid III dummy. For Roll 1, the dummy was located “out of position;" leaning towards the passenger side approximately 45° in order to simulate approximately 1g of lateral acceleration. For Roll 2, the dummy was left in the resting position from the previous roll. The rear window (backlight) was broken upon arrival so the glass was replaced by a local glass vendor. The length of the vehicle bed extended beyond the width of the JRS towers, approximately 21 inches of the rear bed was removed.

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