Ford Escape Hybrid (2008)

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Ford Escape Hybrid (2008)

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid    

About the Test

The test was a one roll event. The vehicle was tested at 5 degrees of pitch and 10 degrees of yaw with the roadbed. A Hybrid III dummy was placed in the driver seat tethered “out of position”. The “out of position” tether holds the dummy towards the passenger side in a manner similar to how to the dummy would be positioned if it received a 1 g lateral acceleration. The tether was connected to a relay which released the dummy at roughly 30 deg of roll towards the passenger side. The same relay that released the dummy tether also fired the driver side curtain air bag. Table 1 describes the impact conditions. Table 2 shows the injury assessment reference values for the low durometer neck that was used.

The peak lower neck compressive load was 164 N and the peak lower neck moment was 161 N in flexion and 28 Nm in extension. Table 2 describes the lower neck IARV’s 10% probability of injury. The peak intrusion speed at the top of the A-Pillar was 8.0 mph with a peak crush of 8.1 inches.

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