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Accident Review & Analysis| Our Experts’ Profiles

Automotive crashworthiness and the systems analysis of accidents is what we do best. We look at accidents as a whole, to determine what systems may have failed and why. This approach encompasses all areas of crashworthiness so that there is a clear picture of all the involved elements.

Roof Crush in Rollovers:

We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable about roof crush in rollovers. Our experts have reviewed more than 600 cases and have seen many different types of accidents and injuries. We have done numerous studies and much research on what causes roof crush and how alternative designs could be used to prevent catastrophic injuries. We have also done extensive analysis on GM's Malibu testing and Ford's CRIS fixture as well as developed our own roof crush test, the Jordan Rollover System.

Restraint Systems and Airbags:

Our experts have participated in many cases involving Restraints and Airbags. We include these components in our overall systems analysis evaluation of any case.

Heavy Trucks, Fork Lifts and Heavy Equipment:

We have experience in heavy truck under run accidents and how alternative under run barrier designs can make a big difference in catastrophic injuries. We have experience in the design and safety of Fork Lifts and heavy equipment from working with industrial companies and their fleets.

Roadside Barriers and Guardrails:

Our experts have many years experience working with governments to design and test roadside barriers and guardrails to reduce "after impact" accident severity and reduce injury.

Vehicle EDR/CDR Data Collection:

Our Data Retrieval Specialist can download event data and crash data from your accident vehicle. We have most GM and Ford vehicles and can read Bus and Heavy Trucks as well.

History of FMVSS 216:

We have a complete collection of documents dating back to the 1960's, from the early NHSB to the current NHTSA rulings. We also have many of the comments and information the industry has submitted over that time.

Accident Vehicle Inspections:

Our vehicle inspections include a complete set of digital photo’s from all angles of the vehicle, both interior and exterior. Measurements of the vehicle including a Roof Crush Profile and Scratch Pattern Diagram which can then be used along with an Exemplar Inspection to show comparison data. Finally, we identify and document any witness marks on the interior of the vehicle as well as macro photos of any forensic materials found.

Accident Scene Inspections

Our Scene inspections start with a printed aerial satellite map of the actual accident scene location. We include a complete set of digital photos including measured markings from the police report, curb widths/heights, and any available vehicle gouge marks or remaining evidence.

Photogrametry Modeling

Photogrametry is a system of using photographs to create measurements and markings for an accident vehicle with the ability to produce a 3D model. From there we can create a model of an exemplar vehicle and determine amount of roof crush and other measurements or for investigative purposes. This process provides a cost savings in comparison to finite element modeling and can be completed during the vehicle inspection so no extra costs are incurred.



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