Jordan Rollover System (JRS)
The Jordan Rollover System, operated by the non-profit Center for Injury Research, is a versatile, repeatable rollover testing system capable of assessing vehicle structural design and performance, restraint system performance in rollovers, and rollover occupant kinematics and ejection. A full suite of instrumentation in the test vehicle and on the fixture allow for quantitative analysis of rollover forces and structural performance
Importance: Occupant injury in automobile accidents is governed by the interaction between the vehicle and the occupant. For rollover crashes with head and neck injuries, this is most typically between the occupant’s head and the roof of the vehicle. If the contact velocity and amount of intrusion is decreased, then the occupant is better protected. Studies have shown that appropriately increased roof strength will reduce buckles and side window failure, which will reduce ejection.

The JRS allows for controlled roof-to-ground impacts before the vehicle is arrested thereby enabling a more realistic analysis of the rollover event. Vehicle weights may be altered to demonstrate roof strength performance at various strength-to-weight ratios without requiring installation of roll cages or other mitigations. When paired with a reinforced vehicle test, the JRS shows the difference in how the vehicle’s roof strength effects the intrusion into the occupant compartment and the severity of injury. The possibility of reducing the intrusion velocity of vehicle roof structures, and hence the potential head and neck injuries to occupants, has been demonstrated by the Jordan Rollover System. The reinforced vehicle tests show that reductions in injuries are likely, due to reducing the velocity of direct contacts.

Human Spit Testing

2011 Toyota Prius

Dummy Testing in 2008 Scion xB

seat back sled

Rear Impact Seat Testing
Functionality: The system allows for repeatable tests in which various rollover parameters including pitch, yaw, roll rate, drop height, and contact angle can be altered and controlled.The JRS can also be used to conduct tests on component parts like rollover sensor triggering, side-curtain airbags, pretensioners on belts and spit tests to name a few.

Results: The matched pair tests on the JRS clearly demonstrate the reduction in injury potential with a strengthen roof structure. In our most recent tests, the roof intrusion was reduced by approximately 80%. The intrusion velocity was decreased by approximately 50%. With these reductions which can be accomplished by reasonable, engineering alternative designs, the rollover occupant protection is greatly enhanced.

Link to videos of JRS testing on YouTube

Quasi-Static Two-sided Roof Strength Fixture (M216)

M-216 Fixture
The M216 measures vehicle roof strength in a manner similar to that used in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard 216. However, we test both sides of the roof sequentially at angles that more realistically emulate roof impacts in a rollover. Our test procedure accounts for the fact that both sides of the roof contact the ground in multiple roll rollover accidents, and that the second side impact is at a greater roll angle than the first. By measuring roof strength on both sides we are able to quantitatively assess the amount of strength that the bonded windshield contributes to the roof as well as the gross disparity between first side and second side roof strength under rollover conditions (in the first roll of a multiple rollover event). The fixture can also be used for glazing retention studies for ejection cases, analysis of roof strength for occupants injured in rear seat seating positions, and for measuring the roof strength of vehicles that are equipped with reinforcements or other roof strength mitigations.

Other Testing Options:
We can run several other types of tests on our equipment including: Spit Testing, Sled Testing and Case Specific Testing. Please go to our Contact Page or send us an email for quotes and timing.


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