Xprts, LLC

Xprts was started in 1999 by Donald Friedman to assist attorney's in rollover cases. We were compelled to do so by the overwhelming statistics that showed that rollovers account for a large portion of the catastrophic and fatal injuries that occur in automobile and other mobility accidents. The mission was to figure out why it is happening and what could be done about it. To date, we have reviewed over 600 cases and determined that the forces in rollover accidents are different than any other accident mode. We have tested and analyzed passenger cars, SUV's and light trucks to determine how these vehicles are made and what alternatives could be put in place to reduce the number of severe injuries in these accidents

Over the past 17 years, Xprts has developed a Systems Analysis approach to evaluating the damage in rollover Accidents as well as other accident modes. Our goal is to explain what the issues and dynamics are in Rollover accidents as well as virtually all other accident configurations. With the Jordan Rollover System "JRS" we have conducted over 50 tests on both SUV's and passenger cars and completed "Matched Pair" testing using a production and reinforced vehicle of the same type to show how each will perform in comparable tests.

We have now extended this testing approach to conduct virtual testing using finite element modeling in the same way that vehicle manufacturers test the crashworthiness of their vehicles before and during development. Our virtual testing facilities utilize state of the art technology and techniques having invested over a million dollars developing the application of this technology over the past fifteen years. This testing capability provides our clients with the tools needed to implement the scientific methodologies we use to obtain results evaluating what happened, how, and what to do about it. Because of our tireless efforts we have helped hundreds of families, both drivers and passengers, find out the defect and causation of their crash and injuries and put closure to these devastating effects. We continue to strive to improve our resources and knowledge to best serve our clients. To contact us, please go to our Expert Services or Contact Us page.

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