Accident Review and Analysis Approach

We formalize the case and systems analysis protocol with experts and associates in the necessary disciplines. We have experience in 500 roof crush cases, including multiple numbers of similar GM and Ford models. We have formulated rollover systems analysis proofs and can help overcome most defense strategies. Our testing facility can produce case-specific experimental proofs that are very compelling and we can easily support early mediation with presentations, documentation and video, and more.

Review and Analysis

If you send us the information listed below, it should be sufficient to provide us with a preliminary understanding of the accident and injury so that we can formulate an initial hypothesis of the crash and injuries. This, in turn, will enable us to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses, so that we can discuss them with you. From that discussion we would expect you to be in a position to decide whether we can assist you.

Materials to Send for Review

We would appreciate receiving electronic versions of the following materials to the extent you have it.
The police accident report, witness statements, the complaint (if filed), summaries of expert testimony, and depositions; discovery deadlines or other pertinent legal information.
Photographs of the interior and exterior of the vehicle(s) that depict the damage and occupant witness marks (both at the scene and afterward), and of the accident site (color photocopies are fine).
Measurements, maps, surveys, and/or sketches of the accident scene; and any reconstructions that have been performed.
Medical records (emergency room reports, history and physical examinations, radiological and other imaging study reports, and discharge summaries) and
• Physical descriptions of all occupants of the accident vehicle (particularly their heights and weights). [Please do not send comprehensive medical records unless specifically requested to do so.]

New Flat Rate Cost

On the heels of the last few year’s economic failures of the financial markets decline and the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies it has caused both plaintiff and defense attorneys to try to find ways to reduce the cost of product liability litigation. We have been able to provide a lower cost option to get the case settled prior to costly testing, depositions and trial testimony, if desired. 

In an effort to help with this situation most plaintiff experts, including those associated with Xprts, LLC,  have started to quote fixed price costs for each stage of a litigation (report, mediation, testing, deposition, trial) so that attorneys have the choice as to how far they wish to commit their resources.

We also recognize that sometimes testing is a powerful proof and enhances the expert opinions in deposition or trial testimony. Should the case not settle in mediation and testing is the best route to take, Xprts has an excellent test facility to provide accurate, scientific testing that is not cost prohibitive to the client.

Our peer reviewed Jordan Rollover System (JRS) has passed the Frye standard in Florida courts twice and in California Superior State Courts.  The JRS is a flexible test device that can provide testing for various accident modes, including rollovers, side impact, airbags, restraints, frontal and rear impact.  It can also be used for occupant kinematic testing.

We have also manufactured a roof strength test device that uses the new test standards outlined in the FMVSS 216 ruling by NHTSA on May 12, 2009. This test is very low cost and a quick and inexpensive way to show the roof strength of a particular vehicle for a scientific proof in mediation or expert testimony.

Send us your materials:

Send via mail or overnight to our address on our Contact Page.
Send small files via Email - to have a Drop Box sent to you for large files.

Review and Reply

Once we receive the information listed above we can start our preliminary assessment and analysis of the case.  This initial case evaluation is at no cost and we try to get back to you within 2 weeks of receiving the materials. In some cases a vehicle inspection may be required to correctly evaluate the accident. If necessary, the inspection would be charged on an hourly basis and is not part of the no cost review.


Lead Experts

In consultation with you, we will assign a Lead Expert to coordinate all technical matters including the systems analysis, a recommended case plan, testing and any additional in-house or contracted expertise. We would expect this person to be the lead testifying expert in your case.

Case Managers

You will also be assigned a Case Manager who will serve as the primary liaison between your office and Xprts to handle all scheduling, coordination of scene and vehicle inspections, material reviews, reports, discovery and administrative matters throughout the course of the case.



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