Useful Links

  • NHTSA: As part of its activities, NHTSA is charged with writing and enforcing safety, theft-resistance, and fuel economy standards for motor vehicles. NHTSA also licenses vehicle manufacturers and importers, allows or blocks the import of vehicles and safety-regulated vehicle parts, administers the VIN system, develops the anthropomorphic dummies used in safety testing, as well as the test protocols, and provides vehicle insurance cost information.

  • NHTSA Star Ratings: SaferCar is the nation's premier source of vehicle safety information from the government.

  • Transportation Research Board (TRB) Occupant Protection Committee: The Occupant Protection Committee monitors, synthesizes, encourages, and disseminates research activities related to the science of occupant protection, in all modes of transportation and around the world. Occupant protection priorities include restraint system performance and efficiency to optimize protection, including biomechanical issues; economic impact to society; and behavioral measures to increase restraint use such as enforcement and education.

  • Friedman Research Corporation: FRC conducts leading-edge research to protect people under impact and blast conditions with the vision of supporting manufacturers and suppliers in the development of new products and design approaches.

  • Safety Research Institute: SRI was established in 2001. SRI provides public benefit work associated with transporation-related projects. SRI serves the people of California and the United States through projects that demonstrate, for example, improved fuel economy and emission improvements and/or safety performance.

  • Institute for Highway Safety: IIHS is a U.S. non-profit organization funded by auto insurers. Its mission to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and amount of property damage in the crashes that still occur. IIHS performs research to produce ratings for vehicles as well as for consumer restraint systems products such as child car booster seats.